Power Washing and Pressure Washing: What Works Best?

Power and pressure washing are two options available to help you ensure that your property stays clean and in top condition. Both techniques use high-pressure water, but power washing involves using hot water to keep your exterior spaces clean. While both options work well, you may want to opt for power washing when looking for a way to clean stadiums, parking garages, and other touch outdoor spaces. Pressure washing may still help in this case, which is why many people actually use the terms pressure washing and power washing interchangeably. This is not right though.

In case of power washing, a professional will use a pressurized stream of water, which is exactly the same in pressure washing. The only difference is heat, which makes power washing much more effective against tough dirt, salt, stains, and other debris from surfaces such as brick and concrete.

-See this http://www.wall-ebuilders.com/power-washing-and-pressure-washing-what-works-best/


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